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Israel's Peace Ministries was born out of God's heart for His servants in the Land of Israel. These Messianic Pastors and congregations in Israel are facing tremendous persecution, yet not abandoning their call to preach the gospel to the Jew first  and also to the Gentile.


Pastor Craig Field


Israel’s Peace Ministries (IPM) share in a God-given obligation to support, encourage and promote local Messianic congregations and pastors in the nation of Israel, especially those that are persecuted.


Demonstrating the Love of the Father

a. By praying for the Body of Christ in Israel
b. By financially supporting persecuted Messianic Pastors and Congregations in the Land
c. By encouraging, mentoring and developing leaders in Israel.
d. By aiding in the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah
in Israel.


Israel’s Peace Ministries will connect with like-minded people who desire to support Messianic congregations in the nation of Israel.

We recognize that the proclamation of the Gospel in Israel is done most effectively through the local Messianic congregations in Israel; therefore, we will support that local effort.

We purpose to provide encouragement as well as funds and materials to this persecuted part of the Body of Christ in order to support local leaders in the effective preaching of the Gospel.

Our Vision
Our Mission
Faith Statement
Who We Support

Isaiah 62:1

“For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace,
And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest,
Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness,
And her salvation as a lamp that burns.”

We believe:

  • Yeshua is the Righteous Branch  (Acts 13:23, John 7:40-43)

  • He died on the cross paying the penalty for sin for all mankind (Luke 23:46, John 1:29)

  • He rose on the third day, ascending to His Father in heaven where He sits interceding (Romans 1:3,4)

  • Yeshua is coming again (Revelation 22:12)

  • The church (the body of believers) is a Jewish/Gentile body according to  (Ephesians 2:13)

  • To preach the gospel to the Jewish people is to be believed and expected. The initiative to have Jews discover their Messiah Yeshua is long over due.


Pastor Israel Pochtor

Ashdod, a city of 230,000 people located 40km south of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Sea. Until Pastor Israel and his family arrived, there were very few believers there. The congregation in Ashdod is very evangelistic, seeing many young people coming to know Yeshua as their Messiah. This congregation is believing for their city to be transformed and completed by the power and love of God.

Ashkelon, a coastal city of 140,000 people located about 8 miles away from Gaza. Pastor Israel established the church in 2019 as a humanitarian work where they serve people in need, spread the Gospel and advance His Kingdom in the city of Ashkelon.


Click the video below to hear Pastor Israel Pochtar talk about Israel's Peace Ministries on the 700 Club Canada

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